Shanti House cares for youth from all population sectors, regardless of religion, race, gender or nationality. 

Shanti House provides a range of solutions: a temporary shelter, an interim home until the youth joins a permanent framework, as well as a long-term home.

The houses offer a wide range of treatments for youth and conduct prevention programs for young people in at-risk groups.

"First Hug" - Emergency Absorption Kit

Most of the youngsters arrive at Shanti House without the most elementary and basic supplies. Following a welcoming familiarization session, the first thing they receive is a personal pack that contains everything they will need to start their new life and to feel at home. For the first time in their lives they feel that they have something of their own, and this contributes greatly to their self-image and feeling of worth. The pack includes: towels, set of bed linen, underwear, socks, toiletry bag, hygiene supplies and coupons to purchase clothing.

The cost of a First Hug Kit is $150.- 

בית השנטי- בית חם לילדים ונוער בסיכון
טיפול בנוער בסיכון בעזרת חקלאות

Agriculture Therapy

Desert Shanti House is made up of sprawling open spaces, a portion of which is allocated for agriculture and gardening therapy, utilizing the healing qualities of plants.

This program is based on research that shows the power of gardening therapy which improves mental and physical well-being and relieves anxiety and depression.

Planting a flower and waiting for it to bloom gives satisfaction that makes our youth feels like they are part of something, as well as providing a stress-free, and relaxing environment.

The cost of agriculture therapy per teen per year is $1485.

Horse Back-Riding Therapy

Desert Shanti House has a therapeutic horseback riding ranch and animal farm. These activities have proven to be excellent therapeutic approaches that are successful in touching the souls of these youngsters and promoting their rehabilitation.

The cost of a horseback-riding therapy session is $68.

The cost for yearly therapy for one teenager is $2,750.


רכיבה טיפולית נוער בסיכון
לאמץ חייל

Adopt a soldier

Joining the Israeli Defense Force is an important stage for the youth of Shanti House, an integral part of the rehabilitation they undergo, towards ultimately returning to a normal way of life. 

We are excited to see these youngsters, who once lived on the streets and have chosen life, choosing now to join the military, to be equals in society.

The Shanti House team accompanies the youngster in every aspect of recruitment and supports them physically and emotionally up to the day they are discharged. We are available to fill the role of visitation days and provide them with pocket money when they return to base. It goes without saying that their modest military salary is theirs to keep, and they can spend it as they wish. 

The cost of enlisting a youngster in the military, purchasing preliminary equipment and accompanying him/her through their service, providing a warm home and living expenses at Shanti House, including pocket money and personal items is about $1800. per year 

Art, Craft & Vocational Training

We believe that Shanti House graduates’ integration in the work force is essential to their self-esteem, self-respect, dignity, and self-worth. Knowing they can do something well and earn money for their skills is a great feeling.

The vocational program we conduct is supported by a team of personal mentors. We have recently completed construction of the Vocational and Craft Center within the Desert Shanti House. A program of craft courses was designed at different levels ranging from beginner to advanced, including: Carpentry and Woodwork, Metalwork, Electricity, Plumbing, Gardening, Mosaics, Stained glass, Sculpture, Painting and Pottery. 

The cost of Vocational training per teen per year is about $2,250

בית השנטי עמותה לנוער בסיכון

24/7 Family

The Round the Clock Family program comprises a substitute family for homeless youngsters in immediate danger of descending to life on the streets.

The home becomes their family, provides a roof over the youngsters’ heads, and has an experienced staff that cares for all their needs. The Home operates 24/7, all year round. Youngsters are accepted at any time, without the need of an official referral, waiting period or limit on the time they receive help.

For more than 2500 youth at risk Shanti House is their home  from 24 hours or up to 7 years.

Shabbat Dinners and Jewish Holidays

“Kabbalat Shabbat” (The welcoming of the Sabbath) and religious holidays are corner stones of creating a family atmosphere in which a sense of belonging is formed. During Kabbalat Shabbat Mariuma summarizes the week, and everyone in turn describes something good that happened to them in the passing week and shares their wishes for the following week.  This creates a sense of optimism while focusing on the bright side of their lives.

During the Kabbalat Shabbat service, we are privileged to witness a magical moment in which youngsters from all backgrounds of Israeli society sing “Shalom Aleichem”, Peace Unto You – the song that ushers in the Shabbat, while youth, lone soldiers and graduates observe the Shabbat Kiddush.

Sponsorship for Shabbat dinner is about $1,800 (approx. $15 per participant)

Sponsorship for Holiday dinner is about $3,000 (for 200 participants)

ארוחות  וקבלות שבת נוער בסיכון
נוער בסיכון מתנדבים

Giving to Others – the healing magic

We believe that our youngsters should help others. During the holidays they go to golden age homes or hospitals to bring cheer to the hearts of the sick and elderly. In addition they pack food parcels for families in need.  They are also involved in a volunteer network that conducts beach clean-ups – a program which provides a fun and easy way to be engaged with activities that protect our coastlines, promote a healthy lifestyle and raise awareness of their surroundings.  

These acts of giving have a positive impact not only for the elderly, the sick, the needy and environment, but also for our youngsters: It offers them new experiences and insights into social issues, It diverts their minds from the painful traumas of the past, It alters their perspective on their own lives and on what is really important, It gives them a feeling that they can contribute to society as equals and It helps them become better individuals.


Hydrotherapy affects the subconscious and for the youth who had terrible childhoods, in which they experienced abandonment, violent and sexual abuse, the Watsu treatments carried out in the pool help them connect to a place of softness through touch.

Desert Shanti House was very fortunate to gain the support of a wonderful donor who a few years ago decided to support the construction of the Hydrotherapy center, enabling Shanti House to provide another significant healing and therapeutic method.

Many youths who experienced a traumatic childhood are greatly helped by hydrotherapy. It affords them a connection to a place of tenderness, positive physical contact and renewed control over their bodies, with the help of qualified instructors who are highly experienced in working with young people, particularly those who have suffered trauma.

These sessions enable them, to feel they are in a safe environment and  to learn soothing, stress releasing processes, which can also be put into practice in other life situations, outside the pool. 

בית השנטי
טיפול באמצעות בע"ח לנוער בסיכון

Animal Therapy

Animal therapy allows for a direct and primary unthreatening contact, It allows unconditional acceptance, gives the youngsters confidence, builds their self-esteem as well as their sense of empathy and nurturing of other living beings, Initiates contacts that help them develop social capabilities, helps them gain control of their feelings, which is so vital for them.

The cost of animal therapy session is $68.

The cost for yearly therapy for one teenager is $2,750.

Enrichment Classes & Social Activities

The classes at Shanti House are varied and  suited to the youngsters’ interests. Two weekly classes are compulsory for each boy and girl, according to their choice and preference. The classes help to widen the teens’ scope through exposure to new ideas and experiences, and removing their defensive layers and masks.

In addition, the insistence of punctuality develops their sense of responsibility and commitment. The connection with the group leaders strengthens their belief in others and teaches them to create healthy relationships in their personal lives.

In addition we put great emphasis on social activity that helps our children to counterbalance their stress and lead happy lives. Throughout the year we conduct field trips, sports and other outdoor and fun activities.

The average cost for these classes and social activities per teen per year is $2,500.

טיפול לנוער בסיכון בית השנטי
בית השנטי

12 Steps Program

Aimed mainly at youngsters with a tendency to addiction, but also open as a prevention program to all teens.

This model assists individuals, helping them build mental and emotional transformative practices and tools including the ability to recognize and admit that one is experiencing an addiction  and a decision to seek help.

The cost of this program is about $24,000 per year