Help us save another soul from the street ...

For Who is the donor?

The participation fee for Shanti Bike Ride is NIS 365 to remind ourselves that we care for the Shanti House’s children, 365 days a year.

80% of Shanti Houses’ children were abandoned, meaning, we are their only family.

We try to care for all their needs, just like any parent.

We are very proud of all of them !

Almost 80% of them adapt to normative life: they join the IDF, finish their studies in regular schools and acquiring higher education in universities and colleges, integrate into the labor market and become contributing citizens in our society.

This Bike Ride is beyond your appreciated generous contribution. It symbolizes salute and gratefulness to 55,000 youth who have passed through the Shanti Houses doors and chose life!

Please join us in our journey and help us save another soul from the street

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