Bishvil Hashanti 2019

In honor of Shneour Cheshin

Journey For The Soul

How much does it cost and what Do you get

entrance ticket

365 NIS

Gourmet Meal

High quality riding jacket

Personal rate measurement

Clear road with no cars

Refreshment Break

Transportation and bicycle transportation

Helping us saving another soul

kit for the rider

בית השנטי- בית חם לנוער בסיכון

One Ride Can Make A Change For An Entire Lifetime

Shanti House invites you to join our bicycle event taking place for the seventh time.
Bishvil Hashanti 2019 will take place on 09th of November 2019

Registration is open for up to 1,500 riders

Three trails option:
180 KM From Tel Aviv Shanti house to Shanti house Desert
90 KM From Tel Aviv to Be’eri
90 KM From Be’eri To Shanti House desert

For the last exciting segment, our youngsters will join and lead the ride to Desert Shanti. At the finish line a gourmet meal will be waiting for you by Eran Zino and Zachi Bokshteter cooking with Shanti House kids09

Background on street children in Israel

To understand the meaning of Shanti House, you need to imagine a big family, how big? around 100 children big. Shanti House is the only place providing an answer to ages 14-21 , it has no time limit and is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There is no need for an official referral or any waiting period and no time limit for assistance. Shanti House welcomes youth from all populations, from all sectors, regardless of religion, race, sex or nationality.

בית השנטי- בית חם לנוער בסיכון
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Speaking about the ride

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